cambridge contemporary crafts

Zelda Wong

Zelda’s unique botanical silver jewellery is inspired by a variety of sources both organic and contemporary. 

The concept of her jewellery is to preserve the fragile beauty of flowers, so they become everlasting.  Sixteen years living in Yorkshire and the Midlands, Zelda have fallen in love with the English countryside and gardens. In summer everything is so lively and beautiful, but sadly English summers are often short, her designs of botanical forms, try to capture the everlasting beauty of flowers and plants. The wearer can wear them all year round, and they are also ‘hay fever’ proof.

Zelda started to make delicate silver flowers during 2000, for her jewellery degree, based on body jewellery and needed some pretty objects to accompany the pieces, so she started to use metal to make different types of flowers, such as Primula, Poppy, Daisy and Lily. As she dislikes wasting things, Zelda decided to transform the aesthetic flowers that served no purpose into wearable jewellery. A bit like flowers that self-seed and begin life again somewhere else, later becoming her ever popular Primula rage.

Zelda Wong, originally from Macau, moved to England sixteen years ago, now works in the West Midlands. She graduated with Honours in Metalwork and Jewellery at Sheffield Hallam University. In 2004, with a grant from UK Steel Enterprise and a Loan from Prince’s Trust, she set up her own jewellery design business. 


These products are not yet available to buy online, but do email us at or give us a ring on 01223 361200 if you wish to enquire about a particular piece.