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Tone von Krogh

Whilst studying for her degree in Norway, Tone's main Ceramics tutor told her not to attempt using the potter’s wheel during her studies as he insisted the course did not allow her enough hours practice to master the craft. Being a typical student, Tone felt extremely provoked by this statement. Determined to prove him wrong she spent an entire exchange period at Manchester Metropolitan University purely concentrating on learning the skill.

Tone soon fell in love with this instant and tactile way of making and has not moved away from the technique since. 
Memories from Norway are an important source of inspiration in her work. The soft curves and sweeping shapes with hints of bulges or indentations are reflecting the shapes of a snow covered landscape – where the original shape of the object covered is almost unrecognizable. Sharp edges get softened and the bright colours whitened.


Grey Jug by Tone von Krogh
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