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Namnam Ceramics

Namiko Murakoshi speaking about her Hairy Babe ceramic pots:

"Some people take care of plants as if they are their children. They water, weed, stroke, and even talk to their plants. Unfortunately, plants cannot talk back — but wouldn’t it be nice if they showed a bit more character? Each Hairy Babe has a different facial expression, and they are all made to make people smile."

"The Hairy Babes are made from Terracotta Crank, a mixture of terracotta and coarse stoneware clay. They are hand-thrown on the wheel, fired to 1220°C and named after my friends and family (so, yes, I do have at least one story for each!). They are all different and unique, just like we are. I make ceramics for everyday life— ceramics for more smiles.  A smile gives a huge power not only to the people who see the smile, but also to the person who generates the smile."



These products are not yet available to buy online, but do email us at or give us a ring on 01223 361200 if you wish to enquire about a particular piece.

hairy babes 1.jpg