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Ginger Pickle

Ginger Pickle is the creative spirit of Jade Murray, a fine art graduate from Aberdeen in Scotland. Jade designs and makes animal jewellery which is called The Wooden Creatures Collection. The Wooden Creatures Collection is inspired by Jade’s favourite animals; bumbling bees and sleeping owls are amongst the many cute and fun designs that form this collection. They are all designed on the computer and then intricately laser cut from birch plywood and are all hand finished in Jade’s studio.




These products are not yet available to buy online, but do email us at or give us a ring on 01223 361200 if you wish to enquire about a particular piece.

Bunny Brooch  £10

Bunny Brooch


Cat Necklace  £12

Cat Necklace


Whale Necklace  £12

Whale Necklace


Elephant Hair Grips  £6.50

Elephant Hair Grips


Bee Studs  £8.50

Bee Studs


Dog Studs  £8.50

Dog Studs


Gingerbread Man Studs  £12

Gingerbread Man Studs


Christmas  Pudding Brooch  £12.50

Christmas  Pudding Brooch


Cat Brooch  £10

Cat Brooch


Bee Necklace  £12

Bee Necklace


Elephant Necklace  £12

Elephant Necklace


Dog Hair Grips  £6.50

Dog Hair Grips


Owl Studs  £8.50

Owl Studs


Cat Earrings  £8.50

Cat Earrings


Hedgehog Studs   £8.50

Hedgehog Studs 


Christmas Pudding Hairgrips  £9.50 for pair

Christmas Pudding Hairgrips

£9.50 for pair

Whale Brooch  £10

Whale Brooch


Hedgehog Necklace  £12

Hedgehog Necklace


Turtle Necklace  £12

Turtle Necklace


Owl Hair Grips  £6.50

Owl Hair Grips


Elephant Earrings  £8.50

Elephant Earrings


Ladybird Studs  £8.50

Ladybird Studs


Christmas Pudding Studs  £12

Christmas Pudding Studs


Christmas Pudding Necklace  £14

Christmas Pudding Necklace