cambridge contemporary crafts

Emma Goward

Emma Goward creates jewellery that has its own story and meaning, inspired by special moments in her life and reflecting thoughts and feelings that we all share.

'Goodbye Old Shoes'

"I find my life cluttered with items so saturated with memories and emotion that no amount of practical thought can allow me to part with them. When I moved out of my family home there wasn´t the space for all of my shoes and thought that designing something beautiful in memoriam of those that wouldn´t make the cut would make it easier to throw them away, but it only enhanced an already tightly wound bond making me love them even more."

'I Missed My Garden'

"After graduating from university I moved back home and spent a lot of time just enjoying having a garden again. I would sit for hours drawing the flowers within it. These drawings then flowed into purposely designed pieces about coming home and realising how much I'd missed it."


"The tactile nature of Braille, with its neat, simple patterns combined with its very practical purpose has always appealed to me. As someone who does not read Braille it´s always had a sense of mystery and of secrets.

Using 9ct yellow gold in place of the raised dots in each letter, as well as Sterling Silver elements, the Braille Collection is simple yet elegant and full of hidden meaning."


These products are not yet available to buy online, but do email us at or give us a ring on 01223 361200 if you wish to enquire about a particular piece.