cambridge contemporary crafts

Debbie Joy

Debbie's drawings were inspired by insects that came into her flat one summer - they reminded her of the irrepressible energy of nature and drew attention to the exquisite detail of the small creatures which we share the world with. Her sketches have been hand silk-screen printed onto glaze decals which require an extra firing onto the pots. Debbie started learning to throw in the 1980s while at university reading Chinese Studies. This led on to studying Ceramic Design at the Central Academy of Art and Design in Beijing, and many years later, MA Art and Design at the Sir John Cass School of Art at London Metropolitan University.

The work is made to retain strong traces of Debbie's hand making processes: throwing spirals from fingers drawing clay up on the wheel, marks on the base from the wire that cut the pot free of the wheel, dents emphasising the soft state of the clay during the making process, and the sloping line of dip in the glaze bucket. Thrown in stoneware clay, the work is made to be used every day. The range of mugs, bowls, jugs and dishes will enhance the experience of eating and drinking.  All are suitable for the dishwasher and microwave.