cambridge contemporary crafts

Corrinne Eira Evans

Mother Nature's undulating landscape and the contours that intricately depict it in map design inspire the core of Corrinne Evans's stunning Semi-Precious Stone range.

Carefully sourced natural stones are stylishly set against frosted sterling silver and titanium handmade chain mail to highlight the intricate beauty of nature's colour palette. The varying media and materials create a beautifully fluid and tactile texture that evokes the rough valleys, smooth streams and rocky hills of the English landscape.

Since graduating with a HND in jewellery & silversmithing at the Birmingham School of Jewellery, and a BA (Hons) in Contemporary Crafts from Falmouth, Corrine has crafted bespoke pieces which skilfully merge her expertise in traditional silversmithing techniques with contemporary applied art ideas.

Offering unique and versatile bespoke jewellery that can be worn in various different ways and beautiful stackable rings in a multitude of widths and styles, Corrinne creates striking, easy to wear one off statements that can accentuate both casual and formal wear and combine beautifully to establish a different look every time.


These products are not yet available to buy online, but do email us at or give us a ring on 01223 361200 if you wish to enquire about a particular piece.