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Anna French

After 20 years of working in the creative arts Anna returned to full-time education and graduated in 2000 with a first class honours degree, specialising in kiln-formed glass.

Anna designs and hand crafts all the pieces herself from her studio in Nottingham. Her current collections include lifestyle pieces of semi functional glassware in limited editions. The range includes platters, dishes, framed panels, tiles and decorative free standing forms.

"The derivations of inspiration are not always easy to pin down and I admit to being influenced by a wide and diverse range of sources. I have built up my references over time for example endless hours at the Victoria and Albert Museum and also my own photography of ancient and contemporary architecture.  I am also influenced by the paintings of Paul Klee and George Braque."

"The process of creating a design is a very organic one and is quite instinctive. Firstly I decide on a colour scheme and then rhythmically build a design in layers one colour at a time deciding on the shapes of colour as I lay them down. Each decision is a bold step there is no rubbing out or touching up at the end. Unlike most craft disciplines the decorative expression of colour and texture on fused glass must be realised before the form is made. I work quite swiftly but the firing process depending on the size and shape of the piece can take up to two days."



Blue Abstract Tile
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Abstract Tiles

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Floral Tiles

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Abstract Tiles

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Paper Heart Tiles

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Abstract Tile