cambridge contemporary crafts

Karen Dawn Curtis

Since Karen Dawn Curtis completed her MA at Cardiff, she has been fascinated by the naked surface of clay. Adding oxides to the clay body allows her to create a finished coloured surface through the process of coil building and fettling the objects. The colours and forms are inspired by the Brecon Beacons, where Karen loves to draw and take photographs.

In 2016, Karen was awarded funding which enabled her to develop this body of work. Within the space of just three months, her dad was diagnosed with and died of cancer.  Already influenced by the landscape, Karen became intrigued by the concept of the earth crying out. Karen makes the openings of the pieces to appear to be shouting, screaming or singing.

All the vessels are made in families as Karen is interested in the personality that inanimate objects portray. The collections of pieces can be placed in different groupings to create a variety of narratives.


The works illustrated below are intended to give you a taste of what the gallery has to offer, please email us on or call us on 01223 361200 to find out which pieces are currently available. Prices range from £14-£28.