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Judy Adams

My work is influenced by the sea and shoreline, particularly the sea’s ability to erode and yet also to bind together; its potential to link and also to sever.  I work with clay in a variety of ways: using the wheel, and handbuilding by coiling, slabbing, moulding and sculpting. I like to manipulate the form while the clay is still soft, using mainly my hands rather than tools, to maximise the interaction between maker and material.  I use natural materials to create texture in the clay and then add colour with slips, oxides and overlapping glazes. I fire at least twice, with a final firing to 1185 degrees C. 

Seascapes are richly textured bowls, platters, and handled vessels.  Outer surfaces, in soft matt shades, are encrusted with impressions of weed, barnacles, corals, shells, fish and shingle while interiors are high gloss glazed in swirling blues, greens and white.  Reflecting the ever changing nature of the sea, each piece is individual in its form, colours and markings.

Stratas are influenced by sloping sea cliff formations and wooden sea defences.  The forms evoke the way tides will deposit driftwood pieces, sand and shingle, infilling fissures, nooks and crannies in rock and timbers. They are created from individual strips of clay, each small section separately textured, coloured and angled into open topped rectangular forms. The interiors are glazed with a green ash glaze to reflect algae and weed growth which cloak and soften sea walls and rocks.

Wave Platters are made from a single piece of clay manipulated into sinuous shapes while still soft and textured with wavy contours of sea on rippled sand, shells, worm casts and footprints of birds.  


Small Seascape Bowl
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