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Hana Hybs

Hana is a designer and maker working in porcelain and stoneware. Her work is influenced by her background in design and architecture, and inspired by her love of nature and the outdoors. Every piece she creates is a simple, honest expression of how she sees the world and how she would like the world to be seen.

Hana’s naturally attracted to practical items that are as appealing to touch and hold as they are to look at. She seeks to make modest, considered pieces that last and become connected to the lives and daily rituals of the people who use them. Objects whose story and beauty grows through time and use. 

Hana’s work is made in her east London studio using a wheel and a bit of Aussie elbow grease. She makes in small batches and most of the objects are one-offs. Each piece having subtle, unique variations, and showing the marks of its making.

Hana believes in making in a low impact way, so her studio is powered using energy from renewable sources and all her pieces are made with the greatest care for our planet. They are designed to last, be cherished and used for a lifetime.


Small Stoneware Tumbler by Hana Hybs
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