cambridge contemporary crafts

Gunta Anita Krumins

Gunta lives in Oundle, Northamptonshire.

The metamorphic chemistry of the fiery kiln, the viscosities, gravity, time and light, all contribute to the final product.  The work samples the universe, rather than depicting it.  I act as an agent for these forces and I am always astonished by the universe as I find it.

 My work evokes a minimalist object, into which are gathered the dispersed accumulations of time.  The object looks to liberate the sensuous spirit trapped within the viewer, perhaps even of triggering a sense of familiarity, of physicality, or conversely of otherworldliness.

 Much of my work has its origins in my unconscious.  Shapes appear to me, when I have found that space of quietness, somewhere between dreaming and being awake.  Therefore these shapes and forms, for me, hold an enormous personal content and cannot be divorced from my autobiography.  But these abstract narrative run alongside the narratives of nature and time, space and shadow, memory and desire.  We all of us have real and imaginary landscapes within us, that open out our human experience.

 Glass carries an extraordinary conceptual richness expressed through transparency and translucence, fragility and transience.  Through my work I have captured memories of my own; hopes, losses, loves, they refract my life and dreams, part heavy, part light – pulled together they are just an instance in the flow of things.