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Ellie Air

Initially self-taught, Lauren Rowden (under the pseudonym of Ellie Air) has recently returned from Florence, Italy where she studied contemporary jewellery under renowned jewellers at the prestigious Alchimia.

Her enthusiasm for art has changed over time, from an early interest in writing and drawing, she later moved on to printmaking and metal work. After leaving school Lauren worked as an apprentice in a Hatton Garden jewellers’ shop, and it was there that she first fell in love with gemology and the technical creation of the pieces she worked with each day. From there Lauren progressed to where she’d always aspired to be: working part-time in a contemporary art gallery, leaving the rest of the week free to set up her own working bench at home.

Lauren started up her own brand, Ellie Air Jewellery, in late 2010 when the boxes of handmade jewellery were overflowing. Showing at craft stalls, online and now in galleries around the country, every piece of minimalist silver jewellery is designed and created entirely by her.

“I believe that less is more and creating a piece of jewellery for what it is leaves the context and meaning of the item up to the wearer, especially when it becomes such a personal part of ‘you’. All my jewellery pieces specialise in sterling silver and reclaimed objects including other metals, raw minerals and found gemstones.”


Angular Drop Earrings
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Opal Necklace
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