cambridge contemporary crafts


2nd January to 14th February 2019

Valentine's mixed show featuring work by Laura Bennett, Sophie Smith, Mary Howard George and Ellie Air

16th February - 6th March 2019

Amanda Banham

6th March to 24th April 2019

Spring  mixed show featuring work by Sarah Myatt, Layla Amber, Sophie Elm and Karen Howarth

27th April to 15th May 2019

18th May to 12th June 2019

Sea themed show featuring work by Sarah Nicol, Alison Hullyer, Melanie Green and Luna Lighting

15th June to 17th July 2019

Colette Halstead

17th August - 11th September 2019

Katharina Klug 


14th September to 16th October 2019


19th October to 31st December 2019