cambridge contemporary crafts

15th April - 10th May 2017 Spring mixed show including work by Eddy Crick, Miri, Tone von Krogh, Vikki Lafford and Amy Keeper

13th May - 7th June 2017 Kaper

Kate from Kaper will be filling our window space with her lovely unique paper sculptures. Taking inspiration from woodland and rainforest wildlife, each piece is designed, hand printed and handmade by Kate Kelly in her studio in Manchester. Each piece is one of a kind. 

10th June - 5th July 2017 By the Sea mixed show including work by Neil Tregear, Anna Wiscombe, Brittany Delany and Karen Howarth and many more

8th July - 9th August 2017 Sarah Myatt

12th - 30th August 2017 Summer mixed show including work by Alison Hullyer, Debbie Barber, Colette Halstead and many more

2nd - 20th September 2017 Layla Amber

23rd September -  11th October 2017 Autumn Colours mixed show including work by Caroline Parrott, Helen Chatterton, Janine Partington, Anna French  and many more

 14th October - 31st December Christmas mixed show including work by Sharon McSwiney, Clare Nicholls,