cambridge contemporary crafts

Clare Nicholls

Clare has loved art from the early days of her childhood, watching her father do intricate watercolours in his spare time and realising she too could do detailed drawings of things. She enjoyed reading stories too and the two interests combined to make the style of work you see today.

She studied Fine Art and English in the early 90's and whilst doing a module in Ceramics, fell for the medium. In 1998 she completed a Masters in Ceramics at UWIC and has been making her own Ceramic work ever since, alongside a career teaching Art. In recent years, having a young family to look after meant cutting back and making smaller scale work – hence the 'Snow-figure' range slowly emerged. They have proved a great success, with people collecting more every Christmas and waiting eagerly to see what 'creations' will be displayed each year.  Each figure is unique, hand-made from scratch in white stoneware and painted with underglazes. Clare is now also expanding her 'Christmas Season' range of work to include trees, animals and small figures.