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Father's Day - Sunday 18th June 2017

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Father's Day is just around the corner, and there are so many great gifts in the gallery. Whether your Dad prefers something to look at or something to look good in, we've got you covered. Pop into the gallery to see our full range of gifts and cards, or have a look at our suggestions from our online shop below. 

Katrin Moye Exhibition 30th July – 24th August

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Katrin Moye

Daisy Candle Holders and Vase

Katrin Moye is a ceramic artist based in Nottingham who specialises in making highly decorative work using the traditional technique of slip painting on earthenware. She is the featured artist for our August exhibition, which runs from 30th July until 24th August.


Katrin began her career in making domestic ware in 2005. Her work is made of a mix of white earthenware and stoneware and it is mostly wheel thrown. Katrin decorates her work with coloured slips and underglazes using traditional slipware techniques such as painting, trailing, sponge printing and hand cut paper resist. In recent years, Katrin’s work has become much more detailed and complex in terms of the surface pattern.


Katrin Moye

Wren In Garden Platter

For inspiration, Katrin draws on memories of her childhood in the 1970s, which she spent immersed in books such as Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tales, Astrid Lindgren's stories and Joanna Spyri’s classic ‘Heidi’. Katrin’s ceramics bring to life the inner world she occupied as a child, which consisted of an idealised Scandinavian rural landscape of forests, meadows, starry skies and woodland creatures. Her work also references mid-20th century design, folk art and the interior of her 1970s family home.

Katrin is fascinated by the relationships people develop with domestic items. Ordinary things can take on significance for their owner in terms of the memories and associations connected with them, thus the same object can be ‘read’ as many different objects, depending on who is looking at it. Katrin loves the way that people who buy her work embark on a relationship that is uniquely their own with something that she has created, making a full circle with the memories she references in the decoration.


This free exhibition runs from 30th July – 24th August 2016. We are open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm and Sunday from 11am to 5pm. Make sure to pop in!


Katrin Moye

Formal Hedge Jug and Daisy Jug

Katrin Moye

Multicoloured Daisy Platter

Katrin Moye


Colour Exhibition 11th June – 30th June

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At cambridge contemporary crafts, we are diving into summer with a serious splash of colour. For our June exhibition we have selected a number of artists working across different media for whom colour is a central part of their work.

Karen Atherley creates decorative tableware that is both practical and beautiful to look at. Her pieces are decorated with eye-catching vivid colours and curvy figurative nudes inspired by Greek antiquity. Karen uses bright ceramic slips painted onto white earthenware with transparent glaze to give a lustrous finish.

Rachel Foxwell’s handbuilt earthenware vessels have simple cylindrical forms, but display a particularly intricate use of colour. Whilst the vessel’s exterior has subtle graduations of pastel hues, the interior is marked by a singular bold colour. Colour creates both harmony and contrast within the same piece.

Karen Atherley

Two Vases


Silver Aqua Heart

Rachel Foxwell

Rainbow Vessels

Also on display are some bright and cheerful prints by Mr. PS, ready to be popped into a frame and liven up your living space. The colourful prints feature bold graphics and line drawings. Screen printed and finished by hand, they all have a touch of personal charm.

For glass artist Anna French, colour is not only essential, it is primary. Anna always decides on a colour scheme first and then on the shape. She rhythmically builds up her design in layers of one colour at a time.

Ima Pico creates beautiful luxurious silk scarves with bright colours and original designs inspired by her travels around the world. The designs for the scarves have been created from photographs of graffiti and publicity found in the streets of Indian and European cities.

Jeweller Karen McMillan makes bold colourful resin and acrylic earrings, necklaces, bangles and cufflinks. Karen enjoys using resin as a material as colour and pattern are very important aspects in her work. Her designs are inspired by linear shapes found in nature and she has a love of Japanese patterns.

Karen McMillan

Green Fern Studs

Anna French

Two Glass Dishes

Ima Pico

Skinny Graffiti Scarf


This free exhibition runs from 11th June – 30th June 2016. We are open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm and Sunday from 11am to 5pm. Come and have a look!