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Alison Hullyer Exhibition 24th February - 21st March

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This February, we are very excited to have local printmaker and illustrator Alison Hullyer as our featured artist. Alison’s work has been gracing our gallery walls since we first opened and it has grown ever more popular over the years. Our exhibition will focus on one of Alison’s favourite themes: birds. From the stylised goldfinch on her tea towels to the monochrome wren on her mini relief print and the hand-coloured blue tit on her latest drypoint, come in to see the entire range at cambridge contemporary crafts until 21st March!

Bullfinch drypoint.jpg

Alison graduated with a degree in Graphic Design and Printmaking from Northumbria University in 1990 and now works full time as a professional illustrator and printmaker from her garden studio in Milton.  She designs primarily for the stationery industry but has also developed her own line of products such as her popular range of screen-printed tea towels. 

Besides her illustration work, Alison also makes limited edition hand-pulled prints. Inspiration for her prints comes mainly from observing nature. Walking her dog every day, Alison enjoys being outside in all weathers, observing the changing seasons. She loves the patterns and textures in nature, from seed heads and brambles to silver birch trunks and skeletal winter trees and of course birds flying from one branch to the other. For her prints, Alison mostly employs a drypoint technique, either using perspex or cardboard plates and then adding watercolour.

This free exhibition runs from 24th February – 21st March 2018. We are open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 5.30pm and Sunday from 11am to 5pm.

See here for more images and details of Alison's work.

cambridge contemporary crafts re-opened and has lots of new work on display

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After having been closed for renovations, our lovely crafts gallery on Bene't Street re-opened last month. Our re-opening was a great success and we were very happy to welcome back our customers and rediscover the wealth of handmade crafts made by talented and passionate artists from all over the U.K. Pop in to see our newly redecorated space and enjoy our wonderful selection of handmade work!

Downstairs we have now made room for a cosy snug where you can take some time to relax, have a sip of water, read a book or magazine and play with your children. We want to encourage our customers to use this space as a kind of mini-living room and make themselves at home while they browse our collection of art and crafts.

We currently have a wide range of ceramics on display at the gallery. Here are some highlights: in our main window, we have Alice Maplesden's quirky bowls and plates on display. Alice creates white stoneware with inlaid black slip decoration. Her characterful designs always put a smile on our face. Alice's work is accompanied by Namiko Murakoshi's "hairy babes" plant pots, which similarly never fail to cheer us up. Namiko's hand-thrown pots are made of a mixture of terracotta and coarse stoneware clay and they all have different facial expressions. Now it's up to you to find the perfect plant to add more personality to those lovely faces! In our other window, we have Daniel Wright's popular Cambridge collection on display. Daniel's hand thrown earthenware pieces are decorated with white and coloured slips and screen printed drawings in black enamel of the city’s iconic buildings and typical sights such as bicycles and punts on the river. His pieces make a classy gift for anyone who likes Cambridge.

Alice Maplesden

Namiko Murakoshi

Daniel Wright

Alongside our trusty regulars, we also have several artists who are new to the gallery. We have a beautiful collection of striking vases in stock created by Penny Withers and we also have some lovely colourful screenprints on display by Anna Wray and Jenny Seddon. Come in to see more of their work and many others'!

Jenny Seddon

Penny Withers

Anna Wray