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Carys Davies

Sea Exhibition 13th June – 8th July

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Sea Exhibition 13th June – 8th July

Cambridge contemporary crafts has kicked off the summer with a sea-themed exhibition, featuring works of artists who are all inspired by the colours, movements and transformative effects of the water that covers the majority of our planet.

Katharina Klug’s new ‘Deep Sea’ range sprung from thoughts of sunken ships and their lost treasures. Her ‘Deep Sea’ vases are round and smooth on the outside, like the surface of stones that have been shaped by water over long periods of time. Their colours are evocative of ancient cargo found on the sea bed, encrusted with sea-life, sand, debris and barnacle. The glazes on the outside of the pots are different shades of greens reminiscent of algae. The inside of the vessels are dark as if still filled with earth and sand. Klug has chosen an unusual combination of two different types of glaze which react through the wall of the vessel with each other. Depending on the wall thickness there is a weaker or stronger reaction, which makes each pot unique.

Carys Davies’s pots similarly look like cargoes of vessels discovered at the bottom of the sea, or sitting on flotsam, worked on by the water and the sand. They are smooth on the inside and rough on the outside. Davies uses volcanic glazes, which are often rubbed down to show the bubbles inside, giving the pots the appearance of being washed up on a beach. The pots reflect the greys and blues of the sea and sky as well as the textures of sand, stone and granite. Recently Carys has been writing on her pots, using words as both marks on the pot and as a way to invoke feelings.

Using a variety of stitching techniques, Jen Hills creates delicate hand-embroidered designs on button-sized pieces. Each of her designs are hand stitched onto cotton or felt, then constructed into either brooches or magnets. For our sea-themed exhibition, she has come up with some brand new nautical designs of chain stitched anchors in shades of blue and gold, delicately sewn sailing boats in a combination of different colours.

Also on display will be Helen Entwisle’s 'Nautical Novelty' prints. Drawing inspiration from novelty print fabric designs from the 1950s, Helen has created a number of coloured limited edition sea-themed prints.