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Kaper Exhibition - 13th May-7th June 2017

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This May, we are looking forward to having some very special creatures inhabiting our window space. Toucans, cockatoos, macaws and all kinds of tropical species will be migrating down from Manchester to make cambridge contemporary crafts their new habitat. They are beautiful unique paper sculptures handmade from start to finish by Kate Kelly (Kaper). Taking inspiration from nature and building on her fascination with geometry, Kate has been making her one of a kind paper sculptures since she graduated from her Design Crafts degree in 2006. Make sure to come by in May and admire the gorgeous summery window display she has created for us!

Kate’s sculptures are designed, hand printed and hand built in her studio in Manchester. They start off as doodles in her sketchbook, inspired by the great British countryside and rainforest wildlife. She is particularly fond of birds because they are so characterful.

Based on her drawings, Kate designs a three dimensional template with her ruler, protractor and angle measurer. She has always liked geometry, so she enjoys the technical process of working out the mathematics.

The templates are hand printed using a blank silkscreen to doodle patterns onto the surface. This ensures each has its own unique textures, patterns and colour palette. She then cuts out and glues all of the parts together to build suspended, free standing or wall mounted paper sculptures. The sculptures are varnished, which gives them a lovely satin sheen, seals their edges and protects them against harsh sunlight so the colours do not fade.

Kate’s sculptures are embellished in different ways, sometimes adorned with floral decorations, twigs, acorns, spectacles or bow ties, so no two pieces are ever the same. She groups them together in various compositions and combinations. Every design has a unique name, which she picks out from beloved books, bands, films or heroes.

As a nature lover, Kate is dedicated to making her business as environmentally friendly as possible. She uses recycled paper and animal friendly products and materials. All paper off cuts are used in embellishments, collaged cards or one-off prints, so very little is left to the recycling bin.

This free exhibition runs from 13th May – 7th June 2017. We are open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 5.30pm and Sunday from 11am to 5pm.