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Christmas at cambridge contemporary crafts

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Photo by Zuza Grubecka

Here at cambridge contemporary crafts we've transformed the gallery ready for Christmas and the annual Independent Christmas window competition.        


This year we've decided to go colourful and get cosy under the Christmas tree for a real festive celebration. Inspired by the amazing crafts surrounding us everyday we've chosen to get crafty ourselves and created some paper decorations to adorn our window. 

We really enjoyed the creative experience of making our window display this year, from planning the idea right through to two of days putting up the display and choosing the perfect crafts from the shop to bring the window to life. 

Photo by Zuza Grubecka

Our mini origami tree's are being joined by Amanda Banham's Raku houses and Kathryn Mitchell's festive themed ceramics to create a wintry village scene. Glass snowflakes by Caroline Raffan's are falling down our window onto the heads of our village occupants, the ever popular Clare Nicholl's snowmen. All accompanied by succulents grown by our very own Gonda Sanders.

Photo by Zuza Grubecka

Peering under the Christmas lights drawn on our windows, you can see what treasures are bursting from the presents under the paper Christmas tree. Glittering bowls from Sophie Smith and Luna Lighting, Cambridge themed ceramics from Daniel Wright and tea towels by Angela Harding

Inside the shop Claire Kendon has created wreaths and candle centers for the shop and our Christmas tree is overflowing with decorations. Each year our artists go all out for Christmas hand making decorations from a wide range of materials including glass, metal, and felt. Its a great way of getting a piece of handmade craft into your home. 


Photos by Zuza Grubecka