cambridge contemporary crafts

Alice Walton

Alice Walton’s definitive aim is to produce work which is free and expressive and which encompasses her passion for ceramics. It is a commentary of the language of objects around us. Looking in detail at natural and constructed environments, Alice personally re-presents this study into new forms.

Alice’s interests lie in the physical process of collecting. Through her journey and experience of gathering new objects, Alice creates personally themed collections constructed with clay. Current work evaluates the less obvious of these themes around us and re-forms them through surface pattern and collage, layering decorative techniques throughout multiple firings. Alice wants audiences to relate to her objects and begin to question their own existing styles and collections.

Initially Alice’s work is carefully planned through drawing and research. Combining hand building techniques and throwing, she works spontaneously and enables the natural process to flow. This influences the finished work and permits a natural and random result that developed with the original item. The ‘loss of control’ becomes a technique within itself.

Clay allows Alice to impulsively create originality; it is very important to her that each piece she makes is unique. She feels the physical process of forming an object in clay by hand is the most direct and intuitive way to reflect her ideas. The manipulation of the shape, surface and finish is vital to give each piece individual character.


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